When you develop a mindset of serving others, it gives you the strength to move forward and accomplish great things. You want to provide the best service for your customers because you know what it means to them.

You are willing to do the extra mile for your team because your effort will help the company grow. Even if others will not remember your sacrifice, you do not expect anything in return.

Self-actualization is not the highest need but self-transcendence is what life is all about. The need to contribute and share your legacy. How your influence or contribution to the world will be remembered and carried on by the next generation.  

When your vision and purpose in life is clear, it will fuel your passion to take the path that no matter how hard it gets, you will never give up. We all have dreams, goals, and ambition but if if we are not willing to cross the line, build that relationship, execute your idea or marketing plan, it will just remain a dream. Remember, it does not matter if people like or dislike your vision or ideas, just get out there and never quit. Because even if you have lost, deep in your heart you gave everything you’ve got so that you can live with no regrets. You will be grateful for the journey looking back many years from now. 

The process of success:

  1. Vision

  2. Decision

  3. Action.

Make it a personal mission to serve by sharing your skills, talents, and knowledge.

“What matters most to you is how you made a difference in their lives.” – Eric Manalo

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