This is probably one of the most challenging attitudes because it requires commitment in order to have a happy and meaningful life. Aside from your time management training, I hope this article can help you find balance in your personal and professional life.

The key to find balance is to know what matters most to you, so you can decide what actions to take in line with your family, work and financial goals. Because it is hard being successful in one area while unsuccessful with other areas of your life. You can be highly successful in your public (career) life but unhappy with your inner (family) life. There is no real success if there is no balance.

There is absolutely no shortcut, having an attitude of living a balanced life will require a lot of your patience, discipline and continuous self-improvement in all areas:

  • Consistent actions to avoid time wasting work activities and focus on getting results.

  • Say "Yes" to financial freedom through learning, savings, and investment.

  • Say "No" to unnecessary expenses / debts that will cause you and your family further stress.

  • Making sure to spend quality time with your family despite busy schedules.

  • Taking time to talk to your friends, relatives, colleagues, and share inspiring stories.

  • Giving yourself "Me" time so you can take care of your health, mediate, plan and prepare for the next level. Because no matter how fast you drive your career, you still need time to take "Gas".

"Balance can be achieved once you have the right attitude - that success is not just about career or financial achievements, but to live with integrity and passion in all areas of your life." - Eric Manalo