For the past 12 years of travelling to different countries conducting seminars and business development, this attitude helped me a lot when times get tough. Unforeseen challenges arise despite all the knowledge, experience, and preparation. You will meet people who will be a blessing or disappointment to you. You will experience life events that will motivate or discourage you. I believe they all have a purpose but you will only understand the lessons after they pass by.

Our attitude towards the problem makes all the difference. To choose success everyday by never giving up on your passion because people are counting on you including your critics. Be reminded that we have the power to choose our actions - to be remembered how we survived or how we abandoned our mission in life.

Choose to be remembered as a success story, it is the only way to motivate others to succeed. True, you can't force negative people to change but you can influence positive change by example. Being positive is like having energy, it is a blessing to be a light to others who are lost in the darkness of negativity.

Abraham Maslow transcended his own hierarchy theory on his death bed saying self-actualization is not the highest need but self-transcendence is what life is all about. The need to contribute and share your legacy. How your influence or contribution to the world will be remembered and carried on by the next generation. Please share your success story to the world. Fulfill your true purpose by committing your life to the highest advantage of others. Make it a personal mission to serve by sharing your skills, talents, and knowledge.