There will always be people who will like or hate you in your personal and professional life. Every person have their own perspective about life and how they see other people which eventually leads to how they will treat them. What we constantly think about others determines if we will motivate or hurt them. We may have no control on how the world or people treat us, but the good news is we have control on how we respond to their actions. To move on or be affected by their negative actions is a choice. 

When we encounter these challenges, always remember that we have the power to choose your actions. Do not let negative people take control of your life, health and happiness. Focus on becoming a person of positive influence who breaks the pattern of negativity with positive actions.

Building good relationships with your work and family life requires a new way of thinking. Believe that there is greatness in everyone as you strive to ignite their spark when you reach out to them. Once you master this attitude, there is nothing we cannot achieve to improve our personal and interpersonal life. You can live your life with no regrets because you did your very best to achieve good relationship with all the people you encountered in your lifetime. When you learn to master control of your attitude, anything is possible.

We are all given set of talents to speak and listen to people, this is the key to really connect to others. Once you discover you have the power to lead, teach and heal people through positive actions. Happiness (not just money) is a blessing which we can share to others who do not have.

"You can change the world by making a difference one person at a time. Believe this is part of our journey and purpose in life." - Eric Manalo

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