Our personal and professional life have a common factor - MOTIVATION. It is the success attitude that keeps us going to accomplish our family and work goals over the years. But how does one possess such a strong will in a world with negativity?

In my experience there are 2 areas of motivation, external and internal. From birth to childhood, we experience external motivation from our family members. As we reach our teenage years, our motivation is primarily determined on what we experience and how other people treat us. Then we unconsciously develop the need to get their approval, attention or recognition because we have created our belief system that we need to have their affirmation to get going. By the time we reach our working years, external motivation becomes more important to us that if we do not experience recognition from our peers and boss, it may have an effect on our performance. External motivation has a direct effect on our feelings, thinking, and decision making process because we are concerned on other people's opinion of us. Whether positive or negative experience, external motivation comes from outside forces. It sometimes holds us back to discover our true potentials.

Learn to develop our inner self, that unique power that lies within us. Your inner voice that knows who you are and what you need to do when things get tough. That you will not compromise the good person you are just to please a few negative people in your life. Even if we reach our retirement age, it is never too late to develop the ability to motivate oneself. When you practice motivation from within, you can focus on what really matters to you. You begin to realize your ability to inspire others instead of seeking for the other person's attention in which you have no control. Remember, you cannot force a person to change, you can only influence them to change. Do not expect those who hurt you in the past to apologize, so focus on letting go of the hate and be free to move forward. When you learn to let go of negative people, you release yourself from their control over you. It takes a lot of patience to master this attitude, but it will help you achieve peace of mind. Continue to develop an attitude of personal leadership so you can share knowledge and love for others. The stronger internal motivation you have, the more you see your true potentials. Everything becomes so clear that such negative behaviour of others doesn't matter to you anymore. You become the person who can surpass challenges and influence positive change. You can be more prepared in facing life's challenges where money, friends and even family members may not be able to help. Understand your inner self so it can guide you in our journey in life.

Eric Manalo