Success is not measured on how much material things you have but on how you achieved your goals despite many challenges you had to endure. Such as how you survived depression by keeping your faith strong, the time when your boss gave you an impossible task and you delivered, also how you take good care of your family despite all odds and you made it. To have the courage to dream and unleash your full potentials even when others think it can't be done is already an accomplishment. The level of success you have at this point in your personal or professional life is the result of conquering your fears to follow your passion and higher purpose. It is the ability to express your ideas, solutions, talents, wisdom, inspire, and create lasting relationships without regrets or excuses.

If you are in the business of marketing a product or service and unable to close the deal, perhaps it's not the right time for them to buy. If they don't decide today, it does not mean they won't purchase from you in the future. Timing is an important element to seal the deal so never accept that you have failed. Your job is to find the right time where the buying capacity and requirements meet so that the conditions for them to make the decision will be more easy on your next presentation.

If you have relationship problems within the family, never give up on them. You have to understand that they also experience their own challenges which they need to overcome. When things go wrong in our career, health, business or family life, try to understand the reasons why it had to happen so we can improve in all areas of our life. You are not a failure when you give your very best, you just need to find another way to resolve the issue, conflict or win negotiations.

Failure is not an option, but a learning experience. We always have the opportunity to take care of our health, lead others better, heal family relationships, collaborate with colleagues and overcome business challenges.

"Learn from information and you gain knowledge. Learn from real life experience and you gain wisdom. Keep learning!" - Eric Manalo

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Eric Manalo