Become the person who breaks the pattern and transfer of negative behaviour by others.

The fact you are still affected and unable to move forward, you continue to allow negative people or past events control you and your future. So take charge of your life.

The moment you think that person or situation is the source of your problem, that way of thinking is already a problem. Believe there is good in everyone despite of what they have become due to stress in life.

There will always be conflict in your life and some people will even hate you despite of your good intentions and what you did for them. Our way of thinking determines how we see ourselves and how we treat people. To manipulate, judge, control, please, hurt or heal others is a choice.

You can choose to live a life of happiness with no regrets because of your unique ability to resolve conflicts within and how we manage relationships in work and family life. 

"Remember to listen from the heart so we can try to understand what people are going through before we decide how we will respond."  - Eric Manalo

Eric Manalo