Marketing advise from Eric Manalo

Paris 1.jpg

When I started my consulting career about 20 years ago, I didn’t have a website, brochures, high profile connections, or social media powers to promote my seminars during that time. I got my first client through referrals then it grew over the years. Here are some business tips for my fellow start up consultants and trainers based on my personal journey. Focus on long term business relationship with your customers and provide more value in what you offer. When your clients understand the long term financial results or impact you bring for their business, the price becomes irrelevant.

Establish collaboration with your training providers and fellow speakers.

When you are a start up, you can’t do it alone. There is no self made millionaire who made it alone. You need to go out and meet real people who can help you connect to customers to solve a business problem or increase their sales.

You need to have the right mindset everyday that opportunities and challenges are everywhere and it never ends. If you are ready for the challenges, then you are ready for success.

Position your brand as a solution, not a problem.

The market is not just evolving, it also dictates the future of business. This is why continuous training and improvement is the key to business growth or survival.

Quality is the best branding.

In business, you need to continuously learn how to sustain market demand in the years to come. Just like the Grand Louvre in Paris, where this picture was taken. Continue to improve your product or service that will create value for your market to patronize over the years. Don’t just follow industry practice but be bold enough to be different and connect to the aspirations of your clients. For me, that is the key to sustainable business.

Eric Manalo