Sales Training from Eric Manalo

Use the 10% approach in getting market share.

Always improve your presentations by 10% every time until you have mastered your closing skills.

There are 3 types of buyers:

  1. Price buyers - Those who will always compare the price vs. quality.

  2. Intelligent buyers - The type of buyers who are very familiar with the product and what competitors offer.

  3. Brand quality buyers - There are buyers who don’t care about the price or competitors. They buy based on emotions (customer experience) and not logic.

Collaboration is the key to gain market share even if your competitors offer low prices, good quality or discounts.

Gather client information and identify needs where you can make an offer they cannot refuse. You win the client from listening, not talking. Your job as an entrepreneur or sales professional is not just to deliver a great proposal but to close the deal.

Use company resources available to close the deal. Master your product in such a way that you position your company as a profitable proposition. The clients are happy to purchase because your products or services will add value to their profit through sales velocity or cost reduction.

Don’t sell, but give expert advise. Audit yourself after every presentation. Take note of what approach was successful in closing the deal and what was not effective during the discussion.

Always talk to the right person with (M.A.N.) Money, Authority, and Need. Do not waste time.

Educate the buyers to save and make the investment. It’s not true they don’t have the money to buy, they just don’t know how to allocate funds or they don’t see the value in what you offer.

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Eric Manalo