Financial tips from Eric Manalo

Focus on generating receivables and it will take care of your payables.

Due to inflation, cash in the bank won’t make your rich. Currency must always flow.

Life is there to enjoy but always be financially prepared.

Focus on revenue, not expenses, then duplicate your business model.

Do not spend more than what is available in your pocket.

Invest on sustainable source of revenue such as rental income.

Be smart in managing your cash flow so you can determine your financial quadrant. 

Example sources of cash flow:
1. Fix income (Salary) no work, no pay but good enough to pay the bills.
2. Variable income (Commissions) based on sales delivered or small business on the side. This is where you save money to become an investor with recurring income.
3. Recurring income (Rental property) studio or 1BR property working for you even if you lose your job. A fully paid property means positive revenue for you or free from office space rental.

The bottom line is to create other sources of income that will help you during financial challenges. Do not just rely on fix income.

Be sure to have medical and life insurance for the financial protection of the family. 

Let us strive to achieve Q1. With or without cash flow, our expenses will remain constant. 

Develop your income-generating skills to attain higher income levels. The income of an employee (wages) is different from an entrepreneur (profit) or investor (ROI). The truth is, you can become an investor while working as an employee or being a business owner. The question is, are you ready to decide and take action for your financial future?

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Eric Manalo