Leadership lessons from Eric Manalo

Lead your team with integrity and you gain their loyalty.

When you submit a proposal. Always be objective, not emotional.

3 Levels of Leadership:

  1. Trust - They follow because they respect you.

  2. Commitment - They are engaged to do whatever it takes to acheive team objectives.

  3. Loyalty - They will never leave you behind and will not give up until you succeed.

You cannot get back all the time wasted in FB, LinkedIn, Instagram message, and meetings with people that have nothing to do with your success goals. If you count all the negative people you took time to value their opinion in your lifetime, the numbers will shock you. Don't wait for that praise from your Boss, or others approval on your idea. There is no substitute for results from a job well done.

In the 80s, market segmentation would classify you based on income as class A, B, C, D, and E. In the 90s, someone had an idea that you belong to a generation group and coined it Millennial, Gen X, Y, and Z. A lot of people accepted the idea to a point it became their way of thinking. Remember there is only one YOU in the world, you’re not a group or category. There is so much potential in you that you haven’t unleashed yet. You had a very long journey, it’s time to LIVE A LIMITLESS LIFE.

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Eric Manalo