When you develop the INCOME GENERATING UNIT of the company (The People), you will achieve the organization’s objective to increase profitability. This is why training and developing your team will always be an investment, never a cost.    

Because our economy, information technology and market demands are continuously changing, you must always be one step ahead with your competitors. CEOs in every organization can only depend on it’s human capital to attain real competitive advantage. This is where training and coaching the company’s human resource now becomes even more vital for business survival and growth. Your competitors may copy your marketing strategy, your product, your services, your systems, but they cannot duplicate the unique advantage of leadership, synergy and performance of your people. 

The knowledge that your team will gain from these seminars will develop them to become self-motivated, well guided and therefore, more productive. We will work continuously to enhance the leadership talent of your managers and reveal the hidden strength of your team that you may not be aware of.

Eric’s passion is business development and unleashing your team’s leadership potential.

For the past 15 years, Eric travels to UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Australia, including USA to implement sales training, business development and strategic marketing activities for Century Properties Group CEO Jose E B Antonio which contributed more than P3 Billion sales for the company.

Today, Eric is a motivational speaker, trainer and consultant for various companies who are interested to improve leadership, team performance, quality service, strategic marketing, close deals, and sales production.