Become the person who can change the world. Understand the power of attitude (character) is more crucial than skills (personality) in personal and professional success. Re-discover your unlimited potentials. Develop personal leadership in work and family life. Learn breakthrough guide to steer your own directions and take charge of the quality of life you want for yourself, your family and career. 


Inspire others to make a difference. In our present business economy, out-innovating the competition is not the only way to stay ahead. This is why exceptional leadership in all departments is so crucial in moving organizations from survival to growth.  This program is highly recommended for all CEOs, VPs, Department Heads, Managers and key officers of the company. Learn effective leadership values and concepts that will make them become better leaders of the organization. To lead people with clear directions and execute innovative ideas for the company.  


Develop ordinary individuals into entrepreneurial oriented sales people who will earn income from the unique opportunity your company will provide. Based on years of experience from top companies in the field of marketing and sales training, we can design customized sales training seminars that can create an increase of sales through developing your people to duplicate what top sales professionals do. Inspire sales team to maximize their full potentials. Learn proven ways to generate cash flow faster and learn how to avoid mistakes in business or sales.   


Understanding customers and create solutions. The success of every sales professional being the income generating unit of the company depends on how they can sustain the company’s source of cash flow - The Customer. There is a need for young entrepreneurs and professionals to learn the art of closing the deal, influence their prospects to buy, and sustain business relationship. CEOs and the entire team should have a sales paradigm shift called “Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer” in order to better understand what motivates prospects to buy and keep coming back. You build trust based on understanding the situation of your prospects and provide the right product, service or solution to address real problems they experience which you might not be aware of.  Consultative selling trains the sales professional to apply proven relationship based methods when they engage the client and provide them the best solution possible. Connect products or services in line with prospect client’s specific needs. Establish trust and create more sales opportunities through your customers. 


The achievement of great things together. In today’s turbulent economic environment, change is the only constant and organizations need to revolutionize to meet market demands. Factors like need for speed and technological change are important. But the most important factor in an organization’s success greatly depends on the knowledge and attitude of every team member.  The program will guide each team member to understand how aligned directions and cooperation are important factors for business success. To develop leaders among team to solve many systems related problem. Learn from team collaboration and apply proven concepts for continuous improvement towards interdependence. 


Customers are the source of cash flow, it is the reason why a business exist and why people were hired. But sometimes common sense is not always common practice in the actual work environment. The program uses an inside-out approach that will enable your front liners to be more competitive in the daily challenges of customer service. Understand that taking care of customers will take care of the company and their jobs. Use proven approach in serving your most valued customers and keep them coming back.


Develop your market with minimum resources. The success of every company’s marketing campaign greatly depends on the position of your brand in the market. While timing, demographics, economy, and competitors become more challenging, you need to be prepared and have deep understanding on how to approach your market to achieve your objectives. The purpose why companies are established is to provide a unique service or product that will meet industry needs and market demands. But new challenges emerge, which makes management wonder why sales targets are not met during a marketing campaign. This training program will discuss key principles that will empower management teams to prepare, design and implement an effective sales & marketing campaign. We will train you how to develop a strategic mindset that can determine the outcome of business plans, learn to identify if the approach will create a positive impact or negative effect on the company’s brand and revenue. We will share proven marketing principles in order to understand and take advantage of present and unforeseen opportunities. Gain sales momentum and avoid financial loss from ineffective activities. 


Communicate your passion to create action. Business growth today requires entrepreneurs and professionals to have the ability to effectively communicate their ideas, product or services through various presentation methodology. It is also an essential skill for those who are serious in closing huge deals with potential investors. We will share simple key techniques in professional speaking which you can immediately use to prepare and deliver outstanding presentations for your clients, get your ideas approved by mancom, rally your team to success, or simply inspire your audience on your next conference speech.


No organization is perfect. Conflict happens among department groups, team members, clients, friends and even family members. Emotions burst when people’s ideas clash which greatly affects their motivation to work together. Despite having conflicts, it is still a good sign because the frustration shows how passionate they are to communicate their views or get things done. However if not properly handled, conflicts can be damaging. Strategic goals will collapse, and could create a situation where no one is concerned about the company’s best interest. Your ability to resolve conflicts can help remove hidden, unnecessary, and unproductive negative feelings. When conflicts are resolved, team members will have a deeper understanding with each other’s perspective, develop mutual respect, and restore trust to work together as a team. You need to stop existing conflicts immediately. This training will provide several key principles on how to approach conflicts in your professional and personal life. To learn proven methods, ground rules, and objectives to get conflicting parties settled. Participants will understand a unique approach called “Winning together” that aims to tap their deep inner self, way of thinking, and how their actions can create an impact to others. Because a culture of a company greatly depends on the people who make things happen. Conflict management program will empower teams to make a difference by understanding that every person is unique (valued), not different (ignored). Focusing more on the issue rather then the individual’s weakness. Learning to heal as a team or dissolve as individuals. Having the courage to express ideas objectively. Communicating thoughts and emotions with sincere intentions. Forging agreements with respect and integrity. Honor commitments to serve one another. Closure of issues so everyone can move forward together. We will share real life lessons on how conflicts were resolved and how participants can best use these insights in solving their work and family issues. Learn to manage and take control of your life. To develop a belief system that all relationship issues, conflicts, situations, and negative feelings can be healed.   


Building wealth to be a blessing to others. We will share real life stories on how to achieve financial independence with the right mindset and how to take massive actions to accomplish your financial goals. Learn how to invest the right way and increase your cashflow while reducing debt.


Each training program will be customized according to your specific training needs. There will be a tremendous improvement in your organization as experienced by previous companies where seminars were conducted.

DoubleDragon Properties (Training Consultant, 2019)

Philippine Advocates for Consultants and Trainers (Member)

Philippine Society for Training & Development (Member)

Boracay Beach Inc. (Business Development Consultant, 2019)

Sanofi Philippines (Sales Training 2018)

Century Properties Group, Inc. (Real Estate, 15 years)

CMV Interior Designs (Training Consultant)

ReMax One London, United Kingdom (Real Estate, 2007-2008)

Filipino Association in Paris (France, 2006-2007)

Filipino Communities in Canada (BC, AB, Toronto 2010-2014)

Filipino Communities in Sydney, Australia (2013-2014)

iProperty Expo Resource Speaker, Singapore (2013)

Japan Investor Groups (Tokyo, 2017)

Keller Williams Realty (Los Angeles, CA USA 2015)

Philippine Chamber of Commerce (San Diego, CA USA, 2015)

Philippine Independence Day (Barrio Fiesta London, UK, 2008)

Creativity Lounge, Ayala Center (Graphics Design, 2003)

Paranaque Non-teaching Personnel (Government, 2007)

GQRB Law and Associates (Law Firm, 2003)

Felicity Marketing Group Realty (Real Estate, 2003)

Excelta Trading Corporation (Fire Protection, 2003)

Tobys Sports (Sports Retailer, 2003)

Lampe Berger Philippines (Network Marketing, 2003)

Lamen Marketing (San Miguel Distributor, 2003)

Pacific-Ace Management, Hong Kong (Remittance, 2000-2002)

Pacific-Ace Savings Bank, Subic Bay (Micro Finance, 2002)

Times Square Cinemas, Subic Bay (Entertainment, 2000-2002)

Great Value Store, Subic Bay (RTW Retail, 2000-2002)

Japan Home Center (RTW Retail, 2000-2002)

Duty Free Price Club, Subic Bay (Retail and Wholesale, 2001)

Pro Health International (Home Direct Sales, 1998-2000) 

PhilCom-Western Union (Money Transfer, 1997-1998)

Asuki Group (Retail Sales, 2017)

The After Six Club (Entrepreneurs, 2018)

Compass Center for Leadership, Management and Governance (Training and Consultancy, 2018)

C.F. Sharp Crew Management (Maritime, 2018)

Ex-Link Events (Resource Speaker, 2019)

Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Guest Speaker, 2019)

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela (Guest Speaker, 2019)

K-Lift Corporation (Guest Speaker, 2019)

Brighton Corporation (Guest Speaker, 2019)